Author of Fiction and Nonfiction

Lynanne had a one-act play produced off-off-off Broadway, a screenplay produced into an independent feature movie, several produced scripts for documentaries, freelance articles, and is currently working on a historical novel. She defines her creative fiction as poetic narratives and her poetry as personal flash stories.

I inherited a library from my step-grandfather, and for many years I didn’t realize its wealth of information and knowledge might also interest others. Most of these books taught me many things that influenced and shaped my thoughts and beliefs throughout my life, but it was the historical biographies that had the most profound affect. 

I decided to dig into my collection of books and share on my website what I discovered, including some of my personal experiences with history. I may need to expand research beyond my library to compare, verify, and add information on topics, so I expect to access other sources as necessary.

I know I will enjoy this study into America’s past, and I hope you will too.  Thanks for visiting.


Lynanne is a professionally-trained actor from New York in the methods of Meisner, Adler, and Stanislavsky. This training became the cornerstone of her fictional writing. Character development, scene study, intentions, emotional and fantasy memories, as well as improvisations all shaped her writing skill into a solid understanding of the importance of character, plot, scene structure, relationships, triangles, and dialogue.

Career Highlights

Co-Partner and screenwriter for Villani-Rockhill Productions and Mighty Moments Motion Pictures

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Bravado Theatre Company // Ralph Villani – Co-founder|Director|Producer

Film Projects


Writer | documentary // Produced by MCTV and Univ. of Florida IFAS // Director: Ralph Villani-MCTV | Producers: Ralph Villani, Fred Burkey (Univ. of FL IFAS), Jim Overton (former Stuart News Co-Owner), and Bob Whitty – Florida Agriculture Representative


Writer | documentary  //  released 2015 //  2015 CINDY Gold Award


Screenwriter | action/drama feature film  //  Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Cinematography – 2012 Treasure Coast International Film Festival  // Best Florida Film Project – 2012 Central Florida Film Festival  //  Audience Choice Award for Best Film – 2012 VegasCinefest Film Festival


Playwright and original screenwriter  //  produced in 1998 off-off-off Broadway, NYC  //  drama/short feature // 1999 Telly Award  //  Screenplay adaptation of original story in pre-production as independent feature film

CRYING WHISPERS  Screenwriter | feature film  //  Silver Award – 1997 Philadelphia Film Festival