Socialist-Progressive Indoctrination Hustle

Socialist-Progressive Indoctrination Hustle


Early in the twenty-first century, the Socialist-Progressive hid behind pretensions of helping to improve America’s education through the illusion of political action, but, in actuality, their true objective was to control the American public education system for a Socialist-Communist agenda. Many parents began to see and fear the unwanted progressive hustle of student indoctrination. They felt forced to act. They loudly protested intolerance to any socialist curriculum of re-education imposed upon their schools, and they stood firm against the intimidation and pressure from Progressive administrators and teachers.

Those parents did not want their children brainwashed to a different social and political thought by Socialist-Communists. Those parents believed they were within their rights to insist that the classroom was not a platform for Progressive teachers to teach their political ideology or suppress their Judaic-Christian culture.

However, the Liberals and Progressives of the Democratic Party were not intimidated by the parents’ public outcry.

More Americans spoke up against the Progressive ideology and its worldviews. They learned the Progressive was not compatible with the morals and values they embraced. As a result, more parents demanded that safeguards be implemented for all levels of school administration. Such precautions would ensure both political points-of-view were represented, as well as to restrict faculty attempts to teach partisan politics.

“Cry Wolf” Indoctrination Strategy

According to stories from [eafl id=1123 name=”” text=””] and [eafl id=”1129″ name=”” text=””], a project called “Cry Wolf” was a counter-narrative built by progressive academics to manipulate the national media narrative. This counter-narrative process used the credibility and resources of America’s higher-education system to fabricate biased collegiate research papers into propaganda to support and push their political policies.

Patrick Courrielche of Big Journalism says of the Cry Wolf project:

Entitled Cry Wolf, the RFP (Request for Proposal) proclaims a desire to look “for faculty and graduate students… interested in writing short (2,000 word) policy briefs” that “construct a counter narrative that demonstrates the falsity or exaggeration” of conservative claims. Writers of briefs selected by the project coordinators will receive 100,000 pennies for their thoughts.

Their hopes with this research-proposal is for these papers to “become the basis for opinion pieces designed to run in the mainstream media, on line, on the air, or in the press,” with the end outcome of building the following narrative in the public consciousness: that conservative objections to their policies are just the old dirty tricks of the right-wing.

If executed successfully, the “first reaction of millions of people, as well as opinion leaders, will be, ‘there they go again’,” reads the RFP – a clear attempt to label any right-leaning objection to progressive policy as another case of crying wolf.

Indoctrination to Achieve Universal Empowerment

A Professor of Law at Harvard University, [eafl id=1140 name=”Roberto Mangabeira Unger” text=”Roberto Unger”], born and educated in Brazil, then at Harvard Law School. His remarks about his belief in a socialist education:

This idea of universal empowerment must be developed in two directions simultaneously. In one direction it must be developed in the form of the gradual generalisation of a principle of social inheritance, everyone counting on the basic package of resources that he inherits from the state, either in the form of a sixth fund or of a social dividend, varying upward according to the countervailing principles of compensation for special needs or reward for special achievement.

The other direction in which this principle must be developed is the universalisation of a form of education, both original education and lifelong education, focus on the nurturing of a core of generic conceptual and practical capabilities.  A form of education that is collective and intensive rather than encyclopaedic, that is analytical and problematic rather than informational, that is cooperative rather than authoritarian and individualist, and that is dialectical in spirit, that is preceding in every discipline by a contrast of opposing views rather than canonical, that is to say preceding by the transmission of a settled core of beliefs.

Indoctrination of students through the educational system for the social collective mindset will give Socialist-Communists control over our culture and traditions. So according to Unger, everyone should be on the ‘State‘ dole at birth and given a ‘State‘ education.

The Statist‘s goal is to overthrow our current educational system and trash the remaining moral principles and liberties of our childhood foundation to re-educate and remodel our individual society into a social collective.

They place a lot of importance on training the youth. Their intent is to break down the family and parental control – parents are a negative influence. To break down cultural standards of morality and values by encouraging lewdness in movies, music, books, radio, and cable television. To break down accepted normalcy with the illusion that homosexuality, depravity, and immorality are healthy and natural. To break down  American history and belittle its world-changing achievements as minor. And, finally, to mislead our youth away from the economic growth of capitalism toward their view of a better life for all through an authoritarian, centralized government of Socialist-Communists called the ‘State‘.


The anti-Constitution course must be reversed, if America, as we know it, is to survive. We must become re-acquainted with our nation’s early history and our Founding Fathers, not the false fabrications by liberal progressives. We must open our eyes to the ugliness of the political evil – corruption – that operates within our government because if we don’t, we will be destined to lose it all.

When the Socialist/Communist/Fascist progressive ideology is allowed within our educational system, our youth are coached into accepting Statist concepts of  1) no God – no design or law, just a force of nature. Never mind the scientific fact there is order in our universe – resulting from intelligent design; 2) lack of regard for human life – humans are no more than animals; 3) no such thing as inborn right or wrong – to lie, steal, or kill, is that wrong? – ethics and morals are looked upon as superficial and deceptive. In other words, the ends justify the means; and 4) all religion must be vanquished because it is an enemy to obedience and control – in other words, one will ultimately fail to fulfill their duties to the State – it must be replaced with militant atheism.

The Socialist/Communist/Fascist ideology is dangerous when our free society tolerates the Statist’s point-of-view, and accepts into our schools their atheist agenda. Their objective is, over time, to erase our principles of freedom.  We want our children and future generations to understand the difference between freedom and slavery, ethics and godlessness, law and chaos. It is necessary for the parent to provide their children with the information to guide and to protect them so that they may recognize the threat of such a degenerate ideology. And when the student is instructed about the Statist agenda, they will be able to draw their own conclusion between the truth and lies.

I remember as a child, my step-grandfather and my grammar school warning me of the dangers of world socialism/communism/fascism. If we were not vigilant, these ideologies would creep into our schools and enslave us with their delusional propaganda. It was scary for us back then. Socialism/Communism/Fascism were monsters. Evil…like the nuclear bomb.

Unfortunately, people today are not scared, they are complacent and ignorant. They are oblivious to the underlying objective for a total destruction of civil society – all existing governments and economies. From said destruction, the Statist will raise their ideological Utopia – a selfish, tyrannical State populated by criminal minds. Sounds like science-fiction or fantasy, but, sadly, it’s a frightening reality. Humans slaves who respond like robots. They have no free will. They are controlled. They are void of ethics, morals, and conscience. Think USSR, West Germany, Russia, Cuba, China, etc.

Our American way of life has been disintegrating over the last sixty years. If our free culture collapses, our children will become vulnerable to the indoctrination of the atheist doctrine. And we must not let that happen. Our Judeo-Christian belief is the cornerstone of our nation, and now we must take back our principles. Do we want our children to be casualties of a socialist/communist/fascist conversion? I don’t think so.

In the words of Francis Bacon (1561-1626):

It is not what you eat, but what you digest that makes you strong. It is not what you earn, but what you save that makes you rich. It not what you preach, but what you practice that makes you a Christian!


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